Corporate Theatre

The Experience Lab offers a variety of highly engaging, entertaining and interactive corporate theatre workshops designed to explore common workplace scenarios. 

Introducing new or challenging ideas through a storytelling lens creates highly memorable learning experiences. Participants engage with the characters on an emotional level, leading to stronger learning outcomes and lasting change. 

Whether you choose from our established repertoire or commission a completely new work, our plays are tailored to reflect the unique culture of your workplace and your organisation's learning and development focus. 


Below is a small collection of our most frequently selected play offerings. Click each one to read more. 

Why use experiential theatre?

We believe learning and behavioural change occurs when people are active participants and can see themselves and others in the scenarios we explore. All of our programs are designed to be:


Our plays are fun, informative, and designed to reflect and model the impact of workplace behaviours.


Participants are given the opportunity to discuss, debate and ask questions in response to the learning explored in the program.



We bridge the knowing/doing gap by providing real-time opportunities to influence, question and practice different approaches to understand how changed behaviour can affect outcomes.


Participants gain hands-on experience observing, reflecting on and practicing new skills to take back to the workplace.

Our training is fun, memorable and interactive and we’re renowned for engaging reluctant participants.


We invite you to watch a live session,

get in touch to find out how.  

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