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Our Training

We approach learning a little differently at The Experience Lab. Our programs are designed to engage, entertain and inform, because we believe learning is enhanced by fun and laughter.


We recognise that people are unique, and our approach to training caters to multiple learning styles. We create a safe space for participants to reflect, experiment and practice new skills. 


Our interactive and hands-on learning experiences allow participants to put theory into immediate practice - bridging the knowing/doing gap and leading to real and lasting change.

Corporate Theatre

Interactive workplace plays with integrated workshops

Our highly entertaining and informative corporate plays explore common workplace scenarios, engaging participants on an emotional level, leading to tangible learning outcomes.


Full-day, half-day and bite sized learning experiences

Using experiential learning techniques, our workshops mix theory, skill-building exercises, large group discussion and small group activities to create an interactive learning experience with lasting impact.

RolePlays & Simulations

Professional roleplay actors and true to life training simulations

Engaging in roleplay scenarios and training simulations allows participants to develop and demonstrate occupation specific skills in a simulated environment before heading out into the real world.

Team Building

Customised team-enhancement events 

We work with your organisation to design fun and playful social activities that empower participants to collaborate creatively leading to a positive and supportive workplace culture.

Digital Training

Training videos, Virtual Reality programs and online learning

Our various interactive digital resources are designed to enhance delivery of traditional and remote training programs.

Training  Consultancy 

Your training, transformed

Work with our experienced facilitators and program designers to integrate experiential learning techniques into your training programs.

One-on-one Coaching

Targeted and high impact professional development

Our facilitators work one-on-one to build professional capability drawing on traditional and performance coaching techniques to help you develop an authentic and highly effective workplace presence.


Let us bring your next event to life

Celebrate important dates, conferences and social events using our professional facilitators and actors to create entertaining, informative and memorable experiences.

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