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Much Ado About Hector

A corporate theatre workshop tackling bullying in the workplace

A distinctive and highly engaging workplace training session focused on recognising and responding to workplace bullying.


Much Ado About Hector explores the legal definition of workplace bullying and harassment, exploring personality clashes, legitimate workplace instruction and inappropriate behaviour. In the session we discuss what behaviours constitute bullying and options available to staff to curb the behaviour.

Our corporate theatre training is delivered independently or as a part of a half-day or full-day workshop.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:​

  • Learn the legal definition of workplace bullying

  • Explore their own values and standards regarding bullying and bullying behaviours

  • Understand the covert and overt behaviours which would be considered bullying

  • Distinguish what constitutes acceptable performance management and instruction

  • Learn to identify gossip and strategies to avoid participating in it

  • Explore strategies for standing up for themselves and others in uncomfortable situations

  • Understand what support services are available

We integrate and refer to your internal policies and code of conduct in addition to state and federal workplace legislation.

The Story

Hector is determined to shake things up at the office, starting with Mary.


No matter how hard Mary tries, Hector always has something to say about her ideas, her work ethic or her dress sense and she doesn’t know how much more of this she can take.

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From our participants

Excellent workshop. It promoted classroom interaction and delivered some real-life situations.

Easy to understand & very worthwhile & well presented


  • CORPORATE THEATREIntroducing new or challenging ideas through a theatrical storytelling lens allows the audience to observe, reflect, and put into practice new ideas in a safe and hands-off environment.

  • FORUM THEATREParticipants redirect the outcome of a scene, by intervening when characters demonstrate unhelpful behaviour, and offering feedback on appropriate behaviour.

  • CHARACTER INTERVIEW - Participants interview the actors in character, to uncover the internal motivations, fears, and beliefs driving their observable behaviour.

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