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The Change Play

A corporate theatre workshop assisting organisations transitioning to new spaces and new ways of working

A distinctive and highly engaging workplace training session focused on how we respond to change and how to maximise the opportunities change affords.


The Change Play explores how to best manage our own responses to change and support others in the change management process. Participants journey with Blue, Hal, Cam and Bree as they journey through the change process, observing how the characters react, and reflecting on their own responses to change.

The Change Play can be delivered independently as a 70-120 minute session or as a part of a half-day workshop. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:​

  • Identify four distinct responses to disruption and changing circumstances

  • Understand that change affects everyone differently, that they will react differently and require a variety of support to engage with the change process

  • Reflect on their own attitudes and behaviour when confronted by change

  • Explore how they can take a positive outlook to the upcoming change

  • Recognise strategies to support colleagues to adapt to new ways of working

  • Commit to a personal change management plan targeting individual strengths and weaknesses. 

The Change Play is best delivered as part of a wider change management strategy after the change has been communicated, but before it has been implemented.


Delivery is tailored to suit your organisation's specific needs, with opportunities embedded in the workshop for critical information delivery and facilitated question and answer sessions focussed on your change journey. 

The Story

Blue has worked here forever, Hal likes things the way they are, Cam is excited about anything new and Bree is already living in the future.


When they find out that they’re moving their office to a new building, and new way of working they all have very different reactions.

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  • CORPORATE THEATREIntroducing new or challenging ideas through a theatrical storytelling lens allows the audience to observe, reflect, and put into practice new ideas in a safe and hands-off environment.

  • CHARACTER INTERVIEW - Participants interview the actors in character, to uncover the internal motivations, fears, and beliefs driving their observable behaviour.

  • CHARACTER COACHINGCharacters ask participants for advice on how to behave, and take that advice into their scenario. Participants are prompted to reflect on the effectiveness of their input.

  • FORUM THEATREParticipants redirect the outcome of a scene, by intervening when characters demonstrate unhelpful behaviour, and offering feedback on appropriate behaviour.

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