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The FIFO Life of Brian

A corporate theatre workshop exploring the challenges

faced by FIFO workers and their families

A distinctive and highly engaging workplace training session exploring strategies for supporting FIFO workers with their mental health and wellness


This FIFO Life of Brian highlights the unique pressures faced by FIFO workers and their families, explores strategies for overcoming these challenges. The Experience Lab works with your organisation to identify existing support structures, promoting early help seeking in order to support mental health and wellness.

This FIFO Life of Brian can be delivered independently as a 70-120 minute session or as a part of a half-day workshop. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:​

  • Explore the different challenges and issues unique to working Fly in Fly Out. 

  • Recognise signs and symptoms of mental illness and when to seek help.

  • Understand the importance of discussing and outlining lifestyle expectations in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

  • Discuss effective strategies for maintaining health and wellness and supporting family members, and co-workers. 

  • Consider how technology can be utilised to strengthen long distance relationships. 

  • Identify existing support structures and networks available within their organisation and the community.

The Story

Brian and his partner Lisa are excited about the opportunities his new job will afford them, what they don’t anticipate are the challenges that come with working Fly in Fly Out.


Can Brian learn to navigate the fatigue that comes with his disruptive new schedule, and the complexities they bring to family life?



  • CORPORATE THEATRE - Introducing new or challenging ideas through a theatrical storytelling lens, allowing the audience to observe, reflect, and put into practice new ideas in a safe and hands-off environment. 

  • CHARACTER INTERVIEW - Participants interview the actors in character, to uncover internal motivations, fears, and beliefs driving their observable behaviour. 

  • CHARACTER COACHING - Characters ask participants for advice on how to behave, and take that advice into their scenario. Participants are prompted to reflect on the effectiveness of their input. 

  • FORUM THEATRE - Participants redirect the outcome of a scene, by intervening when characters demonstrate unhelpful behaviour, and offering feedback on appropriate behaviour.

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