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Bring learning to life with highly trained RolePlay specialists

Roleplay Actors provide opportunities for participants to practice and demonstrate occupation specific skills in a simulated environment, before heading out into the real world. Perfect for service industries and educational institutions engaged in training, assessment and examination, our professional RolePlay actors cover a diversity of ages and cultural backgrounds.  

Our staff are trained in giving objective and constructive feedback, from the perspective of their character and are highly invested in creating authentic experiences. Our highly skilled RolePlayers understand how to prioritise the learning experience as well as being exceptional actors.

Multiple applications

The Experience Lab provide RolePlay actors for tertiary education and training institutions, correctional facilities, medical, social and emergency service providers and organisations engaged in frontline sales and customer service.

Practical Learning

Participants engage in simulated conversations and scenarios with our highly trained RolePlay actors, providing opportunities for practical experience in a controlled environment.

Diverse Team

Our team of highly trained RolePlay specialists range in age from 18 to 75 & come from a wide variety of professional & cultural backgrounds.


True-to-life immersive training scenarios

We work with organisations to create immersive work-based simulations that replicate high stakes scenarios, for training and assessment purposes. 

Simulations range from a two-hour experience to whole day events. Highly trained actors take on the roles of customers, clients and community members, allowing participants to practice dealing with challenging situations, in a safe learning environment.

We design the simulation, facilitate the event, and provide actors to take on the role of all non-workplace personnel. In conjunction with the delivery of the simulation, we facilitate an extensive debriefing process in order to maximise learning. 


Popular simulations include critical incident response, media training, leadership development and customer service support and scenario’s targeted at promoting workplace innovation, creativity and critical design thinking.


Participants are immersed in a true-to-life scenario and challenged to respond in the moment to a series of set tasks designed to highlight their capacity to work together, problem solve and adapt to the unexpected.


Participants are given the opportunity to reflect on their own performance, and are provided with immediate, honest and practical feedback from peers and facilitators, that they can apply to their workplace practice.

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