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It’s a Woman’s Woman’s World

A corporate theatre workshop exploring

gender equity in the workplace

A distinctive and highly engaging workplace training session highlighting common behaviors and attitudes that stand in the way of diversity in the workplace.


It’s a Woman’s Woman’s World holds up a mirror to gender discrimination in the workforce, using a highly relatable and entertaining construct. By flipping the stereotypical gender roles,  men and women in the workplace are given an opportunity to observe the hidden discrimination and challenges their colleagues experience on a day to day basis, opening up space for further conversations that can lead to authentic change.

It’s a Woman’s Woman’s World can be delivered independently or as part of a half-day or full-day workshop.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:​

  • Identify the impact of gender bias in the workplace. 

  • Reflect on their own unconscious biases and the impact on their attitudes and behaviours.

  • Discuss strategies and approaches to promote inclusive behaviours in their organisation.

  • Examine the positive benefits of inclusivity in the workplace. 

  • Explore techniques for combating unconscious bias in the recruitment and decision making process.  

The Story

Kerry the CEO of WOMAN gives a TRISH talk highlighting the importance of actively promoting gender equity in the workplace.


Meanwhile on the ground floor a team of middle managers oblivious to their own hidden biases, brainstorm strategies for empowering men in their female dominant workplace.



  • STORYTELLING  -  Introducing, new or challenging ideas through a theatrical storytelling lens, allowing the audience to observe, reflect, and put into practice new ideas in a safe and hands-off environment. 

  • CHARACTER INTERVIEW  - Participants interview the actors in character,  to find out the internal motivations, fears, and beliefs driving their observable behaviour. 

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