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The Safety Play

A corporate theatre workshop for workplace

safety and health representatives

A distinctive and highly engaging workplace training session focussed on supporting safety and health representatives to navigate their role in the workplace. 

The Safety Play explores the specific responsibilities of safety and health representatives, identifying strategies for navigating complex interpersonal relationships with peers and management in order to facilitate positive change and a safe workplace for everyone. 

The Safety Play can be delivered independently as a 70-120 minute session or as a part of a half-day workshop.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:​

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of workplace safety and health representatives.

  • Practice using powerful questions to facilitate communication.

  • Examine effective feedback models for promoting behavioural change.

  • Explore the difference between fact versus story, and the dangers and impact of workplace gossip. 

  • Discuss stress management strategies and techniques to overcome pressure unique to the role of SHR. 

  • Develop clarity regarding jurisdiction within the organisation and the specific expectations and boundaries of the role. 

The Safety Play is designed to work in concert with your organisation's specific occupational health and safety management plan, and workplace code of conduct. 

The Story

When Charlie took on the mantle of workplace safety and health representative he was ready to shake things up for the whole organisation.


His colleagues are not quite as impressed with his overzealous approach to safety.



  • CORPORATE THEATRE - Introducing new or challenging ideas through a theatrical storytelling lens, allowing the audience to observe, reflect, and put into practice new ideas in a safe and hands-off environment. 

  • CHARACTER INTERVIEW - Participants interview the actors in character, to uncover internal motivations, fears, and beliefs driving their observable behaviour. 

  • CHARACTER COACHING - Characters ask participants for advice on how to behave, and take that advice into their scenario. Participants are prompted to reflect on the effectiveness of their input. 

  • FORUM THEATRE - Participants redirect the outcome of a scene, by intervening when characters demonstrate unhelpful behaviour, and offering feedback on appropriate behaviour.

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