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Thank you for your interest in joining The Experience Lab.

We are an experiential learning company providing an array of corporate learning opportunities for our clients. 

We use actors, writers, improvisers, role players and other artists to help create interactive, immersive and memorable training sessions. 

The Experience Lab help undergraduate students develop their skills and Universities to provide practice exams for their students. We help workplaces to communicate their values and code of conduct to team members. We deliver training to create safe workplaces free from sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and disrespectful behaviours.
We guide our participants to build skills to call out inappropriate workplace behaviours, develop skills so they can undertake difficult conversations and provide opportunities for the development of their presentation skills. We write, direct and star in films used in inductions, onboarding and online learning to help employees understand workplace procedures or the expectations regarding their behaviour in the workplace. 

At its core all of the services that we offer to our clients use versatile facilitators, actors and improvisors to help participants to learn.

We work in 4 main areas:

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Role Players

We offer role play services for university and formal education environments to help participants with entry level skills practice in a safe space.

We provide induction training so you understand the role-playing purpose and process.

Actors for Corporate Theatre

We deliver scripted solutions to organisations looking for an alternative approach to their learning. Performers are expected to be able to learn lines and commit to rehearsal schedules in the lead-up to performances. 

We will work with you to become adept small group facilitators to assist with learning in the training room.


We use facilitators to assist us to deliver our programs. In most instances facilitators will be guiding participants through corporate plays and small group activities. 

We look for applicants who have experience in lecturing, coaching, facilitating, teaching and have capacity to adopt the TEL facilitation sensibility. 

On Camera

We use drama to help bring concepts to life on film for use in classrooms and online.


We tap into our team of directors, writers and actors to transform dry topics into resources which our clients and their teams enjoy engaging with

We are based in Perth and most of our work is Monday to Friday 8 to 5, but increasingly we are also filming on weekends and taking our learning for multi-day trips - intrastate, interstate and internationally - so a capacity to travel is highly desired.


The work is irregular and variable - and suits those who are working actors and facilitators, have part time capacity due to other commitments such as study or parenting - though there is capacity for the right candidate to make this a full time role.

We are always seeking applications from suitable candidates for inclusion in our team, so please submit your details.

From time to time we will have a date locked for the next group audition, if so these details will be listed below.

Currently Seeking


We encourage everyone to apply. Currently though we encourage applications from the following:


- Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Actors

- Transgender/Non-Binary Actors

- Culturally and Linguitically Diverse Actors

- 35-50 year old Male Actors (all looks)

- 40-60 year old Male Male Actors (rugged/mine site look)

- Small Group Facilitators

- Full Session Facilitators

Next Group Audition

Friday 21 July, 9:00am-12:00noon


Apply Here

Availability for the next group audition on Friday 21 July, 9:00am-12:00noon

As part of your application please include: a cover letter addressing your suitability to join the team, your acting CV including any corporate or role play work, your non-acting CV and a current photo.

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Upload A Document
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Your application does not guarantee a place at our next group audition, you will be formally invited to attend should your application be successful.  *In order to be considered for our next group audition, please submit before Wednesday 19 July, 5pm.*

Thank you, we have received your application! We'll be in touch soon.

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