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Practical Presentation Skills
An interactive workshop exploring skills and strategies for giving
dynamic and engaging presentations in the workplace

Presenting ideas to colleagues and clients is part of contemporary working life. Having the confidence to engage an audience is a skill, and even the most nervous public speakers can learn to feel comfortable giving public presentations.

Drawing on techniques used by theatre directors to bring the best out of their actors, Practical Presentation Skills is a workshop designed to build your capacity for giving great presentations. Participants learn strategies to overcome their discomfort and fear, and are taught practical techniques to engage with and connect to their audience no matter the content.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Develop the confidence to present themselves and their ideas to others with authenticity

  • Develop skills and strategies to enhance presentations and engage audiences

  • Experiment with adapting voice, body language and presence to suit different contexts

  • Put new skills and strategies into practice, giving short presentations in front of workshop peers

  • Receive personalised feedback on how to enhance their personal presentation style

Our Techniques

The Experience Lab create fun and interactive workshops using a variety of techniques. 

This workshop includes:

Badges-Activity Based Learning .png
Badges-Voice Training.png
Badges-Physicality Training.png
Badges-Confidence Building-5.png

Practical Presentation Skills can be tailored to integrate presentation contexts relevant to your workplace. This workshop is delivered as a half or full day.

All of our programs are tailored to meet your organisation’s specific learning needs.

Giving a Speech
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