The Online Meeting Switch-Off

Updated: Feb 7

Top tips for online success

While video conferencing definitely has its advantages, it can be a dry and disconnecting experience if not managed well. With most of our interactions now taking place over online platforms, it’s important now more than ever to get the online dynamic right for your teams. 

TIP 1 Preparedness

Know your tools, there are so many platforms to be familiar with but there’s also some great tutorials available. Here are the official tutorials from Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

ZOOM Tutorial

Microsoft Teams Tutorial

Even if you’re a pro at video chats, it’s worth considering assigning a virtual admin to help out if you hit a technological bump in the road. Having someone assigned to manage adjustments and ensure that all of the audio and visual needs are working appropriately leaves you and the team free to focus on the meeting.

Consider the purpose of the meeting. What do you need to communicate? Does it need to be online? 

Send out your agenda as you would any other meeting so your team are able to contribute.              

TIP 2 Connection

Create a supportive and team focussed environment by checking in at both the start and the end of each meeting. Remember to introduce new members to the group and explain their roles. 

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