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Introduction to Workplace Coaching
An interactive workshop exploring the strengths and benefits of workplace
coaching and practicing the core skills required for successful coaching

Empower others to succeed by building capacity and autonomy through workplace coaching.  Introduction to Workplace Coaching introduces participants to the foundations of organisational coaching and how best to initiate and implement coaching relationships with your team.


Coaching requires patience and a hands-off approach to leadership that helps team members foster a deeper sense of ownership and purpose. Participants learn the value of open and curious questions, and develop an outcomes focus to empowering performance development in others, putting new skills and techniques into immediate practice.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Identify the different types of professional conversations and which ones are best suited to coaching

  • Learn about and practice using a workplace coaching model (i.e. GROW)

  • Explore using powerful questioning models to enhance communication and engagement

  • Learn to let go of the process and focus on outcomes

  • Practice different styles of coaching conversations

  • Develop techniques to employ when the coaching process is not working effectively

Our Techniques

The Experience Lab create fun and interactive workshops using a variety of techniques. 

This workshop includes:

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Introduction to Workplace Coaching can be adapted to integrate coaching models and frameworks utilised in your workplace. This workshop is delivered as a half or full day.

All of our programs are tailored to meet your organisation’s specific learning needs.

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