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Courageous Conversations
An interactive workshop exploring effective strategies for mastering challenging conversations in the workplace

Tackle challenging conversations in the workplace head-on with our Courageous Conversations workshop. Challenging conversations in the workplace are inevitable but they don’t have to be intimidating. Whether providing constructive feedback, dealing with difficult personalities in meetings or calling out inappropriate behaviour in the tea room, it is important to face strong emotions and opinions with courageous, confidence and effective communication strategies.

Participants explore why these conversations require courage and develop the skills and confidence to take on difficult conversations successfully. Our integration of theory with experiential learning techniques, provides an opportunity for participants to practice new skills in a safe environment before implementing them back in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Identify different types of courageous conversations

  • Explore the Body, Language, Emotion model and Iceberg model

  • Engage in exercises that encourage active curiosity

  • Learn how set up challenging conversations
    for success

  • Practice asking powerful questions and using effective listening techniques

  • Practice challenging conversations with corporate actors in simulations and RealPlay scenarios based on the participants real workplace situations

  • Practice giving impactful feedback

Our Techniques

The Experience Lab create fun and interactive workshops using a variety of techniques. 

This workshop includes:

Badges-Activity Based Learning .png
Badges-Forum Theatre.png
Badges-Case Studies.png

Courageous Conversations can be adapted to integrate communication models and frameworks utilised in your workplace. All of our programs are customised to suit your organisation's specific developmental needs.

Speak to us about your workshop today. 

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