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Work With Us

Once a year we invite applications for new members to join our team.  Notification will be made via our Social Media channels and a post on Starnow.

We look for team members from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to perform in our Corporate Theatre, interactive workshops, and RolePlay training scenarios.  
The Experience Lab provide an environment where people can thrive and help others to do the same. 
Our requirements are different from a normal acting performance and our actors understand that their primary job is to facilitate the learning experiences of others.  We look for people that can bring a character to life quickly from a brief description, be able to understand a character's emotions and motivations, put these into words and articulate this feedback to course participants.

We keep our team small enough to ensure ongoing work, but large enough to provide you with the flexibility to take on other projects. Our team receives ongoing professional development and training, so that you can be available for a wider range of projects. 

If you’re interested in joining our team, please get in contact by sending us your resume, together with a one page outline of your skills and any experience relevant to the corporate training environment. We will reserve your details until our next group audition.

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