Our Team

Our highly trained facilitators, actors and roleplayers come from a wide range of backgrounds with experience across multiple sectors.


We focus on providing quality training experiences, and our team recognises their primary purpose is to facilitate learning. We champion diversity and inclusion in our team and in all the programs we deliver. 

Get to know the team below, or click here to download a full headshot list.

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Director, Facilitator, Actor

With a background in occupational therapy and improvised theatre, Michael is well placed to offer interactive and powerful learning experiences. He engages with participants using his innate positivity and understanding of human nature.

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Director, Facilitator, Actor

Angela draws on her background in occupational therapy, and love of understanding how people operate to give insightful feedback on interpersonal relationships and engage others in experiential learning.

Director, Facilitator, Actor

Jacob’s dry sense of humour endears him quickly with participants, building trust and engagement. He is a highly experienced facilitator, and works proactively with our partners and client to develop and deliver new and exciting interactive training programs.

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Facilitator, Actor

A committed and passionate facilitator, actor and roleplayer, Leanne has worked across the oil and gas industries, government and not-for-profit organisations. Her experience allows her to understand participant needs from a corporate and commercial perspective.  

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Facilitator, Actor

Gabrielle’s PhD in Theatre Directing along with her experience as an improviser holds her in good stead for providing powerful experiences.  She is passionate about empowering people to be their most authentic selves.

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Barbara has earned a reputation for being a versatile roleplayer and RealPlayer who makes a positive impression on those around her. She has an uplifting energy, and creates rewarding experiences that leave a lasting impression on participants.

Facilitator, Actor, Project Manager

Charlotte’s qualifications and experience in the HR sector and  training as an actor enable her to interact with a range of industries in an authentic and empathetic manner. With a passionate and energetic demeanour, she ignites joy in others.

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Actor, Coordinator
Gemma is an accomplished performer, with experience in management and customer service and a passion for diversity and inclusion. Her roleplay experience includes law enforcement training, behavioural management on mine sites, and medical exams.

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Facilitator, Actor, Producer
An accomplished facilitator, Louise excels at creating a safe learning environment for participants. She brings her passion for learning and development and dedication to character to our workshops and Corporate Theatre performances. 

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Actor, Producer
Nigel has worked as an actor, director and teacher in Australia and the UK. He has lectured at universities and drama schools and brings his experience in creative facilitation of diverse groups of people to the training room. 

Sarah studied at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and at The Actors Centre in Sydney. She has taught in schools for over 20 years and is an accomplished performer, bringing strong authenticity and enthusiasm to her roleplay work.

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Facilitator, Actor
James is an actor, comedian and critically acclaimed theatre maker. He draws on his experience teaching performance skills in schools and the juvenile justice system to train others in professional presentation and creativity in the workplace.

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Actor, Videographer

Kelly is a skilled roleplayer and educator and uses her skills to assist university students, and deliver values-based workshops in the workplace. Her passion for teaching and learning is evident in all of her projects.

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Actor, Writer
Jessica is an experienced performer, writer and director with a career history spanning a range of industries. She draws on her Master of Arts in Writing, and her teaching background in her understanding of how people learn and communicate.

Facilitator, Actor
Poppin brings her knowledge and skill in improvisation and behavioural sciences to everything she does at The Experience Lab, providing her with the empathy and understanding to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities with ease. 

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Facilitator, Actor
Amanda is a roleplayer and presenter with extensive experience facilitating training courses and professional development programs. One of the many unique traits that she brings to any session is her first-hand, lifelong experience of living with cerebral palsy.

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With a business background and experiences across the spectrum of professional acting, Nick has a great understanding of what makes the world tick. His friendly manner and adaptability allow him to embrace roles and learning outcomes easily.

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With his charming and likeable demeanour, Dan is able build rapport quickly with people from all backgrounds. Coupled with extensive performance experience and an ability to take on many different roles, he is a valuable contributor to any project.

Ingle is a highly accomplished and experienced actor, writer and teacher. With a PhD in Philosophy and a Bachelor Honours Degree in Arts, he brings an abundance of practical and theoretical knowledge to the team.

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Alyssa is a versatile performer and enjoys creating positive, educational experiences through her work with The Experience Lab. Her background and training in musical theatre enables her to bring vitality and flexibility to her roleplay characters.

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Declan is an emerging artist of Kamilaroi heritage, with extensive training and experience in stage, film and television. Declan assists in the development and performance of characters with an informed indigenous perspective tailored to our clients needs.

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Fleur originally comes from Bombay where she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, and has extensive experience in many aspects of performance. Fleur is an active member of our inclusion and diversity training programs.


Janet is a proficient and highly talented performer with experience in corporate roleplay, training and simulations. She draws from her work in campaign management, domestic violence advocacy and the education sector to bring authenticity to her characters.

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Wilson draws on his experience living in the UK, and his Zimbabwean and Nigerian heritage to his work with The Experience Lab. His Screen Acting studies at WAAPA allow him to create diverse characters and facilitate realistic learning experiences.

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Mark’s previous work in a variety of industries allows him to understand the essential quirkiness of human behaviour. His honed listening skills and compassionate nature make him a valuable member of the team and able to create down to earth and highly relatable characters.

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Bio coming soon.

Jenny is a highly experienced professional roleplayer, able to quickly transition into multiple characters. With an eclectic employment history, Jenny balances her curious nature with an excellent understanding of a range of workplaces.

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Susie is a highly experienced teacher and coach working across the education and adult training space. She has experience in film, improvisation and small business, and loves connecting with people from diverse backgrounds.

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Craig uses his corporate experience and skilled acting ability to take on a range of characters, and adapt quickly to diverse training situations. He is regularly seen playing the lead role in our workplace bullying play Much Ado About Hector.

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Danen graduated with a Bachelor of Acting from NIDA in 2018 and is constantly fine tuning his process as a performer and corporate training professional. He brings his passion and dedication to excellence to all his work with The Experience Lab. 


Levi is an accomplished actor and improviser who has studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He brings his experience of growing up in a remote mining town to his characters, allowing him to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

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Mario’s background in psychology and experience with improvisation has taught him the importance of empathy and active listening. He is able to construct and convey realistic character portrayals that assist participants to understand themselves and how they impact others.

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Rueben draws on his studies in Aboriginal Performance and Acting at WAAPA to bring authenticity and life to his character. He brings his passion for learning and an adaptable, collaborative and supportive attitude to the training room.

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Natalie has a passion for providing powerful learning experiences. Drawing on her expertise as a writer and performer for film and television she is able to transform into a variety of characters creating realistic training scenarios.

Jamie is a highly accomplished musical theatre performer, working on the West End, and abroad. He brings his technical skill and experience as a performer, presenter and voice artist to roleplay training scenarios and Corporate Theatre programs. 

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Lynda’s experience in the business world and film and television industries allows her to bring intuition, empathy and a strong worth ethic to the team. She is an experienced roleplay actor and committed to creating a safe learning environment. 

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Megan’s mix of experience and skill makes her adept at nurturing the professional and personal growth of workshop participants. She is passionate about making a difference to workplace culture through creativity.

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Drawing on her passion for storytelling and love for helping others Jess is adept at maximising the learning potential for our participants. She brings her proactive, positive and professional attitude to her work with The Experience Lab.

Jackie has a passion for personal and professional development. She strives to bring out the best in others and draws on her performance experience to create realistic characters for our roleplay training scenarios.

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Esther brings extensive experience in improvisation and a background working in education across multiple contexts into her work with The Experience Lab. She is an insightful improviser with a bright and enthusiastic energy. 

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Combining his experience as an actor and in HR and Organisational Development Eugenio delights in helping others transform their work performance. He excels at providing opportunities for people to develop in the safety of the training room. 

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A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Ian is an accomplished actor, director and improviser. His experience working with diverse groups of artists allows him to create highly versatile and three-dimensional characters. 

Patrick has extensive roleplaying and interactive training experience. He brings his honed awareness of conflict management, de-escalation and investigation techniques, and outcome-based assessment skills to all of his work with The Experience Lab.

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