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Proactive Performance Management
An interactive workshop exploring the value of proactive
performance management and development in the workplace

Managing performance and development is a necessary challenge to maximise the capability of your team. Whether providing feedback to strugglers, keeping high achievers on task, or acknowledging reliable performers, many leaders fall into the trap of reacting to problems instead of addressing underlying factors that lead to those problems in the first place.

Proactive Performance Management introduces an ongoing process of improvement and development that brings to life your organisations existing policies and procedures. Participants learn how to empower staff to meet their potential and your organisational goals.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Understand the timeline of the performance management and development process

  • Identify three different types of performers and how best to manage their development

  • Learn the cost of late intervention and the value of early intervention

  • Develop strategies for delivering effective constructive feedback

  • Plan for and effectively structure performance management and development conversations

  • Brainstorm strategies and interventions for addressing inappropriate behaviour and poor performance in the workplace

  • Practice delivering performance management and development conversations with professional corporate actors taking on the role of the other person

Our Techniques

The Experience Lab create fun and interactive workshops using a variety of techniques. 

This workshop includes:

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Proactive Performance Management can be adapted to integrate your workplace performance management and development frameworks and policies. This workshop is delivered as a half or full day. All of our programs are tailored to meet your organisation’s specific learning needs.

Speak to us about your workshop today. 

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