The Experience Lab - Review of 2019

Updated: Feb 7

We're a little late to the reflection party, but with some exciting initiatives in development for 2020, we thought we should reflect on 2019 before we look forward to what is shaping up as a fantastic 2020.

Here is just a snapshot of what we got up to:

COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS We continued to offer impactful sessions empowering those we work with to tackle difficult conversations. Through the use of our RealPlay technique participants developed essential skills in one-on-one sessions, which set them up for the conversations they were avoiding.

Feedback has been extremely positive, with attendees reporting that our work has resonated with them and stayed front of mind. We often heard from participants long after working with them to report on the success of their conversations.

UNCONSCIOUS BIAS We brought Unconscious Bias to life through our interactive plays Area Manager Mike and Same Old Slugger. Our Leadership and Executive program saw us working with teams at a deeper level, helping develop the skills needed to encourage and foster change in workplaces through culture and policy.  We also worked with Graduates bringing Unconscious Bias training to a group of over 250 attendees.

Our latest partnership with BeingVR saw us reimagine the topic through the use of Virtual Reality, more to come on this exciting venture soon!

GENDER EQUITY We premiered an eye-opening and challenging discussion piece in partnership with CEOs for Gender Equity. Something you can check out at their next Deep Dive: Bias, Banter and Backlash

RELOCATION AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT Our team utilised their expertise in techniques to deal with change, in particular the stress and uncertainty that arises before, during or after business relocations. We were proud to have worked with Woodside, CBH Group and P&N Bank with their office moves in 2019.

LEADERSHIP ENHANCEMENT We worked with emerging and established leaders, often integrating into existing leadership programs to put their learning into practice and enhance their practical leadership skills, along with building their physical and vocal presence by learning to Act Like A Leader.