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The Experience Lab - Review of 2019

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

We're a little late to the reflection party, but with some exciting initiatives in development for 2020, we thought we should reflect on 2019 before we look forward to what is shaping up as a fantastic 2020.

Here is just a snapshot of what we got up to:

COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS We continued to offer impactful sessions empowering those we work with to tackle difficult conversations. Through the use of our RealPlay technique participants developed essential skills in one-on-one sessions, which set them up for the conversations they were avoiding.

Feedback has been extremely positive, with attendees reporting that our work has resonated with them and stayed front of mind. We often heard from participants long after working with them to report on the success of their conversations.

UNCONSCIOUS BIAS We brought Unconscious Bias to life through our interactive plays Area Manager Mike and Same Old Slugger. Our Leadership and Executive program saw us working with teams at a deeper level, helping develop the skills needed to encourage and foster change in workplaces through culture and policy.  We also worked with Graduates bringing Unconscious Bias training to a group of over 250 attendees.

Our latest partnership with BeingVR saw us reimagine the topic through the use of Virtual Reality, more to come on this exciting venture soon!

GENDER EQUITY We premiered an eye-opening and challenging discussion piece in partnership with CEOs for Gender Equity. Something you can check out at their next Deep Dive: Bias, Banter and Backlash

RELOCATION AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT Our team utilised their expertise in techniques to deal with change, in particular the stress and uncertainty that arises before, during or after business relocations. We were proud to have worked with Woodside, CBH Group and P&N Bank with their office moves in 2019.

LEADERSHIP ENHANCEMENT We worked with emerging and established leaders, often integrating into existing leadership programs to put their learning into practice and enhance their practical leadership skills, along with building their physical and vocal presence by learning to Act Like A Leader.

BITE-SIZED SESSIONS We know participants love bite-sized learning and last year saw us delivering engaging sessions covering topics such as career conversations, performance management, asking strong questions, active listening and having courageous conversations. These short sessions were presented at Morning Tea Takeaways and Lunch & Learns.

INDUCTION AND RECRUITMENT Our experienced Facilitators and Actors continued to work with organisations assisting them to embed company values through their induction programs. We also partnered with Recruitment teams to help them find the strongest candidate by putting applicants through their paces with the use of group interview exercises and one-on-one RolePlay scenarios.

BULLYING & SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE We helped organisations tackle EEO issues using our interactive plays, Larrikin or Larry Can't and Much Ado about Hector. These play & workshop combinations were delivered in partnership with EEO Specialists over 50 times to 17 organisations across the state.

THEORY TO PRACTICE We continued to work with students, undergraduates and postgraduates in the area of Health Sciences. Using RolePlay scenarios in professional development, as well as practice and exam situations - we visited medical schools, hospitals and universities working with doctors, physiotherapists, social workers and occupational therapists.

We partnered to conduct research into the efficacy of using RolePlay and simulations in education settings to prepare students for the workplace. We look forward to sharing these results in the autumn.

TRAINING VIDEOS We haven’t always been in the room with you and instead have performed, scripted, casted and produced your training videos to help bring them to life. Our team are experts at playing out corporate scenes and can quickly create realistic and memorable scenarios for your teams to discuss.

TEAM BUILDING Building a strong team is more than simply working together in a social setting. We took team building activities to the next level by providing opportunities for people to analyse and understand how the positive and supportive behaviours we apply in fun, social exercises can be transferred to the workplace. Using our catalogue of fun activities we put teams through their paces to strengthen their team connection.

DISABILITY AND DIVERSITY AWARENESS We partnered with Perth Airport to celebrate Harmony Week with a week-long series of events with a focus on disability and diversity awareness. Amongst the many activities we delivered Same Same But Different our Cultural Diversity Play, a hands-on disability awareness session and were proud to facilitate a “You Can’t Ask That” style panel discussion with four guests sharing their stories of living with a disability and taking the most random and delightful questions.

CUSTOMER SERVICE We worked with organisations looking to revolutionise the way they deliver customer service. These organisations are flipping customer service on its head and we worked with them to embed and practice new service and delivery models so that they give knock-out service internally and externally every time.

MASTERCLASSES We offered two jam packed sessions last year to like-minded learning and development professionals who share our love for experiential learning. Our two sessions saw attendees treated to insights on how to get the most out of experiential learning in the workplace and how it can be used to achieve high engagement rates and get participants interested in learning. We love sharing our passion for learning and will again be offering a complimentary session focussed on conversations mid-year.

We’d like to thank all of those we worked with, but in particular Western Power, CBH Group, P&N Bank, Woodside, Roy Hill, Georgiou, Pilbara Ports Authority, Yumatji Marlpa, RAC, Macmahon, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth Airport, Synergy, Landgate and MainRoads for embracing how we deliver training differently.

This is just some of the work we do, get in touch to find out more or to customise a new training experience tailored to your needs. The Experience Lab is on a mission to provide engaging training to inform and educate for anyone, anywhere, anytime!

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