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Act Like A Leader
An interactive workshop identifying and practicing a variety of skills
and techniques  aimed at enhancing your leadership presence

Successful leaders set the tone and culture within their organisation. Leaders at all levels can learn how to build an authentic and engaging leadership presence to create a positive and inclusive working environment.


Act Like Leader draws on techniques used by actors and directors to help participants change the way they are perceived by colleagues in the workplace. Participants gain insight into how they present to others and develop the skills to lead with authenticity to engage and motivate teams.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Identify their current leadership persona and the impact it has on others

  • Understand how to use physicality, voice and body language to build a distinctive leadership presence

  • Learn to use improvisation techniques to think creatively, and be in the moment

  • Develop the confidence to express themselves authentically in the workplace, and build a stronger connections with their team

  • Put new skills into immediate practice through simulated conversations, meetings and workplace presentations

Our Techniques

The Experience Lab create fun and interactive workshops using a variety of techniques. 

This workshop includes:

Badges-Activity Based Learning .png
Badges-Voice Training.png
Badges-Physicality Training.png

Act Like a Leader can be tailored to integrate your workplace leadership models and frameworks.This workshop is ideally delivered as two half day or a full day program. All of our programs are tailored to meet your organisation’s specific learning needs.

Speak to us about your workshop today. 

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